How Residential and Commercial Cleaning Differ

Cleaning Residential vs. Commercial

Cleaning is Cleaning… Right?

In many cases, yes! However, there are many differences between residential and commercial cleaning.

One of the biggest differences being how you need to clean the spaces. With residential cleaning, there may not be a need to clean every single portion of every room daily. Should you run a vacuum over the floor? Yes. Should you wipe down the countertops and wash the dishes? Yes. Do you need to degrease surfaces regularly? No.

In residential spaces you are more or less simply cleaning up after yourself and family to keep the dust and germs away. There will be times that you need to do a deeper clean in upholstery or carpeting, however this is not a constant clean up task.

With many commercial spaces, there are more germs, allergens, and bacterial particles present. To keep staff and the public safe in these areas, a stronger daily cleaning is needed. The cleaning process in a commercial building is often done with a team. To tackle bigger office or warehouse spaces, it would take one person hours to clean the bathroom, kitchen, vacuum, dust, wipe down countertops, and take out the trash. With a team, the large cleaning feat can be broken down by assigning a task to each person, rather than area. This team cleaning system makes the cleaning process more efficient, especially occurring on a regular schedule. Along with these regular tasks in commercial/warehouse spaces, there needs to be cleaning done in high spaces. For example, roof trusses can collect dust and get gooey (yes this is the technical term), and these areas will need to be degreased. Once degreased, the trusses can be washed and neutralized bringing the PH balance back to neutral. The neutralized state allows for a much easier cleaning process!