MacFawn Restoration News

MacFawn Restoration is currently experiencing a lot of change… GREAT change! We have welcomed new members to our team; Olivia Tata and Stephen Jenkins. Olivia Tata is joining our team in the Business Development department, as well as focusing her attention to our internal organization as Office Manager. Stephen Jenkins is making his mark on sites as both a Project Manager and Mold Licensed Technician. We are thrilled to have them both and look forward to seeing them grow with us!

We are also undergoing a company rebrand. All of our marketing efforts are being revamped, as well as the services we provide. Did you know we offer commercial and industrial cleaning? We have offered specialized cleaning services for nearly 30 years, but our new “go-green” initiative, along with new equipment and transportation, is making it much easier for us to perform the same tasks on a much greater playing field: larger clean rooms, extensive crime scene cleanup, increased square foot warehouse cleaning – amongst many more opportunities!

Our relationship with the Eastern New York Red Cross has been strengthened. Recently, their Sound the Alarm initiative had a huge impact on Albany, Troy and Schenectady. Along with many volunteers, the Red Cross was able to install over 1000 smoke detectors containing 10-year lithium batteries across the capital region. The initiative has documented 14+ lives saved since the initiative began 4 years ago. The next event they have will be the Real Hero’s Breakfast. Do you know a real hero in our community? Perhaps a neighbor, firefighter, business owner or friend that has gone out of their way to save or impact the lives of others? Let us know more about these hero’s and their story by emailing Anna Shapiro at

Stay tuned for our next newsletter showcasing our new logo, marketing designs and branding!