Smaller Storm Effects – Wind & Flooding 

When it comes to smaller storms, we all experience them whether it is at our home or business. Here are some Need to Remember Tips when facing those smaller storms!

Storm Damage with Fallen Birch Tree

  • Try to keep cars parked as far away from large trees and power lines as possible, as high winds can uproot or break trees. Parking too close can result in your car being smashed by fallen trees or branches. If a tree takes down power lines on its way to the ground, you want to be exceptionally careful. If power lines are still live, there is great danger around them.
  • Keep extra batteries, flashlights and candles on hand. If the power goes out even for a short time, you will want to have batteries ready for a radio and flashlight, and candles or flashlight ready for when it is dark. Have you ever tried going to the bathroom in pitch black…
  • Always stay away from windows during storms and keep shutters and blinds shut. For larger windows, tape an X on the inside of the window, as even thin tape will help support the window from strong winds that could potentially shatter the window.
  • Make sure that, as a storm approaches, you have enough water and food to last an extended period of time. Going out in a severe storm to collect food and water could be very dangerous.
  • Make sure your home and yard are clear of loose debris that could lift in the storm and possibly crash through windows. Roof shingles and gutters also need to be secure. Once the wind is able to lift something evenly slightly, the rest goes easily.
  • If your home has windows or doors right on ground level, make sure you are prepared for heavy rains as they may bring flooding with them. Place sandbags around doors and windows, making sure they will keep as much water out as possible.  


Keep these tips in mind and stay as safe as possible during this upcoming storm season!