Storm Damage & Restoration

You can’t prevent a natural disaster, but you can be prepared when one strikes. Our disaster recovery experts provide hurricane preparedness tips and resources, as well as tips to prevent damage from wind and flooding caused by smaller storms. We also share important information about creating a home inventory list and establishing a plan for your pets in the event of a natural disaster.

For water damage sustained from a hurricane, storm or other natural disaster, call us 24 hours a day at 877-MACFAWN. We provide storm damage & flood restoration in Albany NY, Worcester MA, Tampa FL, Media PA, and the surrounding cities and towns.

Creating a Home Inventory

By taking the time to create a home inventory list, the process of producing a list of lost or damaged items to your insurance company following property damage will be a lot easier, saving you time. Having a disaster strike your home is scary and stressful enough, and there is no reason you need to…
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Flood Damage vs Water Damage

Flood Damage vs Water Damage: Know the Difference When it Comes to Insurance You may be surprised to learn that your definition of a flood and your insurance company’s definition may be different – and that difference may determine what type of insurance coverage you need for your home or practice. It could also make…
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Hurricane Effects on Northern States

Even if a hurricane is about to make landfall in the Southern states, the Northern States in the USA need to be prepared as well. The wind and rain will span out from the storm at an incredible distance. Northern US inhabitants need to remember that weather is extremely unpredictable as well – A storm…
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10 Things About Hurricane Preparedness They Forgot to Warn You About

Flooded waters are not safe to be in without proper protection Keep tools and wood easily accessible Stock up more water than you think you need Have a backup communication plan Keep cash on hand Flashlights instead of candles Backup all important documents During evacuations have matching outfits Keep escape items handy Have a bag…
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Smaller Storm Effects – Wind & Flooding 

When it comes to smaller storms, we all experience them whether it is at our home or business. Here are some Need to Remember Tips when facing those smaller storms! Try to keep cars parked as far away from large trees and power lines as possible, as high winds can uproot or break trees. Parking…
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