When a Fire Happens, Know What Your Next Steps Are

Whether you experience a fire in your office building or home, it is important to follow the same steps to aid in recovery. These steps will start after the fire has been completely extinguished and you are safe to reenter the building.

1. Document Everything
Disaster scenes are chaotic places, try to avoid costly mistakes by properly documenting anything and everything affected. Keep in mind, even if the fire was not present in some spaces of the building, it does not mean that the smoke did not penetrate through walls and crawl spaces leaving soot and odor behind.

2. Contact Your Insurance Company
Call your insurance agent immediately to report the loss. Prompt action will help avoid delays and deadlines.

3. Arrange for Property Security
Empty buildings can be a target for vandalism. Be sure to have a restoration company properly board-up all windows and doors to ensure the building will be safe when no one is there. Further measures may be needed such as tarp covering on roof, requesting police patrols or hiring a private security company.

4. Retrieve Any Valuables
You, the owner, are responsible for minimizing further damage or loss. Take any items of particular value or sentimental value with you and store in a safe place during this process.

5. Find Interim Work/Living Space
Most policies cover and will reimburse supplemental work or living spaces while you are displaced. This coverage usually covers ‘with like space’, so be sure the amenities you choose will be sufficient and comfortable if the job lasts more than a few weeks.

Going through this process can be overwhelming and usually unfamiliar, however you don’t have to do it alone. MacFawn Enterprises will help you through every component, from board up to rebuild. We take the time to explain each step, keep you fully involved throughout the process and oversee all trades through our unique full-service restoration practices; all while keeping your best interest at hand.

Should the unforeseen ever happen to you, please allow us the chance to help you get back to normal.